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Guardianship attorney

Are you concerned about a family member who is disabled? Do you worry about what kind of care a child receives? There are several forms of guardianships to guarantee the appropriate supervision for the people you care about.   

Top-rated guardianship attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm help people cope with disabled family members, or enables someone to undertake guidance of minor child or children. 

Guardianship in New York

Legal guardianship of children is subject to strict laws and regulations. In brief, guardianship in New York remains a particularly complicated process and can not be taken lightly. The expertise and knowledge serve as strong allies for both in and out of court clients. 

A guardianship is a legal procedure that enables a guardian to exercise the legal rights of a ward. A ward is defined by the person who, for various reasons, cannot take care of themselves — for example, a child, physically disabled person, or mentally ill individual.  The process begins by filing a document asking the Judge to authorize a potential guardian to monitor and manage a ward ‘s welfare.

Establishing a Guardianship For A Minor

Relatives or close members of the family often seek custody of a child who has lost their parents. Besides, if a child with a disability turns 18 and parents are unable to make decisions in health or legal terms, the guardian needs to be appointed.  However, if the durable power of attorney in force, the complex guardianship process can be avoided.  

Guardianship vs. Power of Attorney

A power of attorney has to be in effect before incapacity occurs.

Guardianship proceedings involve the court process.   

More court oversight will be inforced in case of guardianship. 

Incapacitated individuals (and their families) get more control when a power of attorney is applied. 

Adult guardianship attorney

Article 17A Guardianship proceeding, Article 81 Guardianship proceeding

Some people are no longer able to look after themselves and cannot communicate with families or friends. These individuals usually didn’t prepare in advance the legal backgrounds for their incapacity.  

Examples can include persons who can’t cook or clean anymore but who doesn’t seek support; or a person who has Alzheimer’s disease and therefore is vulnerable to actions of the cunning people or even friends or family trying to take advantage of the disability; or a nursing home resident who needs to be there but doesn’t want to stay. The court can appoint a guardian to do those things for these people if the court finds that an incapacitated person cannot perform the necessary actions for their daily lives. Our top-rated guardianship attorneys in New York will thoroughly prepare and assist you through the processes of legal guardianship for adults and legal guardianship for adults with disabilities. 

Guardianship Disputes

Protecting the accused and victims

Companies or individuals often take advantage of older people and establish a guardianship to take advantage of their property. In such cases, a dispute could arise, and the person could be responsible for their actions against the elderly. At Sharova Law Firm, we protect both the accused and the victims. Remember, all situations can be negotiated.

Sharova Law Firm proud of accessibility of the best guardianship attorneys in New York who are highly experienced in guardianship laws.

Therefore, if you or a loved one have questions about guardianship, contact us for a free consultation.


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