Foreclosure Defense

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Foreclosure Defense

Working with Sharova Law Firm on a foreclosure defense can transform a very scary time in your life facing a daunting challenge into a moment where you realize there may be very workable options after all. Homeowners in New-York have rights you may not be aware of – simply exercising those rights can buy you significant extra time, both in your house and to potentially reach a favorable solution to the problem.

No matter how late you think it is, it’s never too late to explore what avenues are possible.

Where a dispute is unavoidable, our approach is always commercial and pragmatic, providing cost-effective support to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We fight cases only when necessary and where aligned with the client’s strategic aims.

Cases we have taken to trial and arbitration hearings have included complex and high-profile property disputes which has given us a reputation as some of the most skilled litigators in our field.



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