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Sharova Civil Law is the legal team you can trust with even the most complex and high-profile civil matters. With professionalism and confidence, we carefully investigate claims and craft aggressive, results-driven prosecution or defense strategies. The legal process can be convoluted – let us clear things up and handle the legal legwork for you. For decades, Sharova Law Firm has been providing their clients with award-winning legal services for disputes pertaining to breach of contracts, partnerships, commercial leases, shareholders, real estate & more. Legal conflicts between ordinary people, businesses and shareholders are alike are everyday occurrences. These disputes are the result of a failure in the fulfillment of an agreement between the parties. Litigation is the legal process that ensues at the point where the parties involved and their attorneys cannot come to terms.

At Sharova Civil Law, we routinely handle civil cases involving foreclosure defense, estate and probate litigation, mental hygiene law, real estate deed fraud, and many other types of civil disputes. Our Brooklyn civil lawyer, Attorney Charles Marino, is as tough and relentless in the courtroom as he is at the negotiating table. With the support of highly experienced paralegals, he has obtained a reputation for obtaining justice on his clients’ behalf. At Sharova Civil Law, every action we take is in the pursuit of a favorable resolution to your dispute.

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